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About David Morrison

I grew up in Sydney, Australia, and attended the University of Sydney for both my undergraduate and
postgraduate degrees. I originally intended to study physics, but quickly realized that I was not cut out
for the level of mathematics involved. So, I switched to biology, where I discovered that ecology and
systematics were more appealing. After graduating in 1986, I worked at the University of Technology
Sydney, where I taught biology students about ecology, systematics, computing, and experimental
design. My research was on the effects of fire on plants, and the biosystematics of particular plant
groups. During this time I also met some parasitologists who were into molecular biology, which
meant that I also started working on methods of sequence alignment, and the molecular phylogenetics
of particular animal-parasite groups. In 2002 I moved to Sweden, mainly because my wife is Swedish.
Since then, I have worked mostly at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, in Uppsala, where
I teach experimental design to veterinary students, and continue studying the phylogeny and
population genetics of animal parasites, as well as studying methods of sequence alignment and
methods of phylogenetic analysis. My professional web page is at http://acacia.atspace.eu/
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Lorentz Center workshop

The Future of Phylogenetic Networks

 15 – 19 October 2012
Leiden, Netherlands

      Scientific organizers:
  • Leo van Iersel (Amsterdam)
  • Steven Kelk (Maastricht)
  • David Morrison (Uppsala)
  • Leen Stougie (Amsterdam)
Australian Systematic Botany issue


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